The Printable Power Pack

Get the best pack of high converting printables that you can use right now to sell or grow your list!

Need a freebie or small digital product today?

If you don’t have time or you’ve run out of ideas, use the popular templates in the Printable Power Pack right now!

You can use these templates to:

  • Grow your email list as a freebie
  • Increase the value of your course or ebook with an additional printable
  • Sell directly on your website (or on Etsy) to make your first sale
  • Boost your funnel with a upsell or downsell
  • Add to your checkout page as a bump offer
  • Use as a tripwire product for easy sales
  • Increase the conversions of your other products
  • Frankenstein a completely new and amazing printable
Getting access to the templates below gives you endless possibilities to create freebies that convert!

Drumroll please…..


The Printable Power Pack

If you’re a kids activity blogger these printables below can work really well for little ones!

Oh, use these if you’re a coach and want your clients to track their progress.

These make a fantastic addition to any online course or ebook to help your students track progress!

You could create a large summer bucket list (for moms, for kids, for fitness junkies, for homeschoolers…) and give them additional blank pages to create their own too!

Need to create an ebook today? Use the ebook template below! It comes with 13 pages that you can customize and edit. You can even combine and rearrange pages to make your own styles!

Have a fitness or health focused audience? Use the Workout and Habit Tracker to help your audience achieve their health goals.

Because who doesn’t need TWO chore charts? Of course you can customize this to track any other activity you need to do daily. 

The Weekly Planner can be a fantastic freebie. The Challenge Plan filled with valuable information can definitely be a small product to sell!

Use the Reward Tracker to help your child’s behavior and use the Crush It planner to help you achieve your own goals!

Tweak the freebies for each holiday – voila – you can delight your readers every season with a new pretty printable!

Have an audience with little children? These blend ladders are perfect for beginning readers!

Idea: Combine the Monthly Planner and the Recipe printable to create a 30 day meal plan for your readers.

Any of the printables can be customized with pretty colors to make them pop, like the ones below.

Creating a beautiful planner as a freebie or product, be sure to include a list and family month page!

Both of the printables below, if filled with super valuable information, can easily be sold for up to $10!

Calendars and planners make the easiest freebies and can grow your list quickly!

Are you a homeschool or kids activity blogger? These shape printables is a freebie you can use right now!

Productivity blogger? Use the Project and Weekly Plan to help your readers accomplish more!

Use the gorgeous ebook template below as a freebie to grow your list, a small paid product, or a bonus to a bigger product!

Track birthdays, special events, fitness goals, school projects, books read, etc.

But won't everyone's printables look the same?

Not at all! If you take 30 minutes and customize the printable, you can make it look completely different and perfect for your audience. 

Take for example the schedule printable below.

Student A

Student A customized the template and created a one page workout routine. This can be a fantastic lead magnet!

Printable Template in Power Pack

Student B

Student B customized the template and created an entire week’s routine for when kids are not at school. This can be a great small product!

How to make the biggest impact with this power pack:

Here is exactly how I use these types of printables in my business.

Grow your email list as a freebie

Increase the value of your course or ebook with an additional printable

Sell directly on your website (or on Etsy) to make your first sale

Boost your funnel with a upsell or downsell


Add to your checkout page as a bump offer

Easily create a new freebie for your most popular post

Delight your readers with a unexpected pretty printable

Frankenstein a completely new and amazing printable

Increase the conversions of your other products

Use as a tripwire product for easy sales

So what do you get right now?

The Printable Power Pack

70+ Pages of Customizable Printables

Resell rights so you can make money today

Instant Access to All Templates

Student Success

"made $3,000 with my printables"

“Suzi you are absolutely amazing!! I opened an Etsy store for printable planners in the last week of October and already have almost 1200 sales.

I have made more than $3000 till now on the Printables store.

I wanted to thank you because your Printables course and your YouTube videos got me thinking about the niche I wanted to start on Etsy.

God bless you and John for all the nothing-held-back help you provide! I am going to teach my son (who’s a freshman in college) because he wanted to help pay his tuition and is very interested in this.


The Printable Power Pack

Grow your list and income today!
$ 97
  • 70+ Pages of Customizable Templates
  • Resell Rights*
  • Instant Access to All Templates

How to edit?

All templates are created in Canva. They can be edited, combined, changed and customized to perfectly work for you!

*Terms of Use


Edit, change and customize the Printable Template(s) in Canva

Use the Printable Template(s) in a PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG printable format for commercial purposes (sell for a profit).

Use the Printable Template(s) in a PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG printable format as a lead magnet or freebie to grow your email list.

Use the Printable Template(s) for non-commercial, personal activities.


Resell or sub-license the Printable Template(s) in a way that is directly competitive with it.

You are not allowed to resell the Printables as editable Canva templates. The end product has to be in a static printable format such as a PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.
Resell any modification of the asset on its own.
Make the asset public or share the asset in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a standalone file.

Eeek, I can't afford this 🙁

The Printable Power Pack is one of the easiest return on investment purchases. 

It’s not a 100 lecture course with hours of video (those are great if you want to learn a new skill). 

It’s a easy to implement product that can make back your investment today!

If you already have an email list or social media following, you can take any one of these printable templates, customize it to your liking, and sell it to your audience. 

Charge $10 per printable and you only have to sell 10 to get your investment back! 

And now you have a small digital product that you can sell again and again and again.