Imagine displaying your products like a professional!

The 100 Heroes is a compilation of 100 different mockups you can use to feature your products and boost conversions through the roof!

Struggling to make your products look good?

You’ve created beautiful printables and maybe even an online course or two…

But your sales and landing pages are just not converting.

You know your stuff is good – but how do you show off the value?

After all your hard work, don’t skip on the most important marketing step…

Showcasing your beautiful product!

If people can’t see the value, they won’t click buy.

You've tried to do this yourself...

But no matter what, your product just kind of looks blah on your sales page.

How do you make it pop?

How can you drive traffic to it from Pinterest, Facebook and your email list..

And then get those visitors to buy?

How would your life be different if you could:

CONFIDENTLY create products and know how to showcase them beautifully.

Know EXACTLY what to put on your hero image to grab someone’s attention.

EASILY create hero images in all different styles to show off all the angles of your product.



100 Heroes

The 100 Heroes is a deck of 100 different mockup templates to 

display your products beautifully to truly convey their value.


I’m an engineer turned stay at home mom to three little ones (baby boy is not in the picture)! I’ve been creating websites since 2009. What started as a little hobby blog turned into a life changing decision. 

I never knew creating my own products online could be so powerful. I even retired my husband from his 9-5 corporate job with my online business. And I can’t wait to help you too!

Suzi Whitford

Course creator

Just imagine seeing more sales and conversions from your hard work!

If you need a quick win to boost your profits and email list growth – use these hero images! It’s been my go to secret for showcasing my products and printables like a pro!

15 Mega Mockups

Get the hero images that showcase multiple courses and printables all at once! The true signature bundle!

25 Vertical Pins

Use these hero images as promotional graphics or as pins and direct traffic to your landing pages!

25 Square heroes

Get the best square mockups for Facebook ads, Instagram posts or to use on your blog.

25 wide heroes

Use these wide hero mockups to fully display your entire product and all it's goodies - great for the front of your website with a call to action.

Why do you need these mockups?

Because the hard work you put into creating your products need to be shown off. 

If you spend weeks or months build an amazing online course, or a pack of printables – only to launch and get crickets…

It may be that people just can’t see how valuable your product really is.

You may just not be conveying it correctly. 

And a simple fix, with a Mega Hero Mockup, will just do the trick!

Since it’s so difficult to really convey the value of an online product, 

you need a mockup to showcase it.

The 100 Heros is your quick win to get more leads and sales easily!

What's inside?

100 hero mockups you can use instantly + tutorial videos + strategy

Create high converting hero mockups of your products instantly.

  • 25 vertical mockups to be used as pin images
  • 25 rectangular mockups perfect for your home page
  • 25 square mockups for Facebook or Instagram posts or ads
  • 15 mega hero mockups for your landing and sales pages
  •  10 bold mockups to show you different styles to customize
  • Training video so you know how to use it all
  • Strategy video to help you convert higher
  • Customization video so you can edit and personalize them
  • Bonus templates added frequently per student requests!

In case it's hard to imagine so much goodness in one product....

Here are the course goodies on display for you!

15 Mega Hero Mockups

25 Square Hero Mockups

25 Rectangular Hero Mockups

25 Vertical Hero Mockups

10 Bold Hero Mockups

⭐⭐ BONUS! 25 more horizontal hero mockups added! ⭐⭐

Training + Strategy Videos

  • Hero Mockup Training Videos (Valued at $197)
  • High Conversion Strategy Tutorials (Valued at $197)
  • 15 Mega Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • 25 Square Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • BONUS: 30+ Etsy Listing Images (Value $47)
  • 25 Rectangular Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • 25 Vertical Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • 10 Bold Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates (Valued at $97)
  • BONUS: 25 Horizontal Hero Mockups (Valued at $47)

Total Value = $773

Today's Price = $47

Bonus Templates Added Frequently

This just in:

30+ Etsy Listing Images added to the bundle!

I frequently add more templates per student requests. So get the 100+ Heroes and let me know if there’s a specific template you need.

"Well Suzi you've gone and done it again.

Just when I thought I had all of your courses and didn't "need" any more blog templates, you launch 100 Heros!

I hit the buy button so fast AND the upsell offer too!

Woman, you are good! I know every time I purchase one of your amazing offers, that I will get more than what I've paid for and then some!"
Heather Procknal
Health Coach
"The 100 Hero mock up is my life-saver.

I created a lot of Chinese printable, but I hardly have time to make beautiful images. It’s just too much work.

Suzi created this 100 mock up gave me to have lots of ideas how to make beautiful images, how to show case my Chinese printable in different style, and save tons of my time and brain cell trying to make something as professional like hers.

Thank you so much Suzi for putting all these amazing resources for us."
Po Tim King
Fortune Cookie Mom
"I love love love the hero pack!

That’s the best money I could have spent! Such perfect timing to!

I was getting so frustrated trying to create a drop shadow!"
Marcy Patterson
Mom Blogger

You do not need to be techy savvy

Not at all! The 100 Heroes use Canva (mostly the free version) – and it’s all drag and drop – and super simple to use!

Frequently Asked Questions

For a small price you’ll be able to display your offer beautifully. If you’re stuck and haven’t been able to convert leads or sales – these mockup templates can be the key! Displaying the value of a digital product is hard – and these hero mockups make it easy and quick!

No. Printables by Number is a indepth 50+ video tutorial course with templates and lessons to teach you how to create and sell printables online. It’s a great course to get along with the 100 Heros. The templates in Printables by Number and The 100 Heros are not the same – both have unique and different templates. 

Due to the nature of the products, all sales of products and/or services on this website are final. No refunds will be issued. All digital content will be released at once.

We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind.

The prices are intentionally kept reasonably low in price as compared to market value to give you the tools and information you need at an affordable price.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

All the templates can be edited in Canva. And while having Canva Pro is beneficial, you do not need it to work with the templates and customize them. You can use the free version of Canva to edit The 100 Heroes.

The 100 Heroes course can be completed in an afternoon, and in a few hours, you can have your beautiful, high converting hero image ready to go! It’s super simple – drag and drop – so you can start boosting your conversions as soon as possible!